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What Makes A Good Psychotherapist?

This question is perhaps more to the point than the question “What is a good approach to therapy?” In this post Vivian Baruch, a colleague with her finger on the psychotherapy outcome literature, takes up this question and provides welcome insight into this fundamental question. Spoiler alert! Decades of meta-analysis say the answer is neither

Got Stage Fright?

I do! Very many of us experience performance anxiety when faced with the opportunity to speak or play a musical instrument in public. In this post, our weekly All Things CBT community employs both imaginal and in vivo exposure to help a stage-frightened colleague overcome her fear of playing the vibraphone for an audience

¡CBT A La Gente! [CBT To The People!]

Low-intensity CBT [LICBT] is a global movement that trains lay people to deliver quality mental health care for pennies on the dollar charged by professional counselors. All Thing’s CBT’s Pomona Valley California LICBT pilot program was recently evaluated by a third-party expert from Georgetown University’s School Of Medicine. In this post I present the results

To Blame Or Not To Blame

The phenomenon we call blame has three distinct components. First, the perception of an injury [physical, emotional or moral] or a social transgression of some kind. Second, we muster an emotional response to this perception, oftentimes anger, resentment and hostility. Third, we begin planning retribution. Each of these three components has particular brain structures associated

Our 2022 World Champion Of Shame Attacking!

We human beings are at once the most empathic and the most hostile creatures on Earth. This mixture of sociability and antisociality enabled us to band together and dominate the planet. Violent impulses alone would have made it impossible for us to live in close-knit families and clans without killing each other off. Nature’s answer