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Do you find yourself “winging it” in your work, not sure how best to respond to challenging clinical scenarios? Are you in solo practice, without ready access to colleagues with whom to consult? Do you work in a group setting that lacks a CBT orientation? Or do you simply want to deepen your understanding of CBT and how you can apply it in your own life?

You Don’t Have To Go It Alone! It can be challenging to get reliable answers to your Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy questions.

You could go online searching for answers or look through your graduate school textbooks. You might reach out to a colleague or supervisor, but they may be even less CBT savvy than yourself. You could buy an hour of 1:1 consultation, but that can get expensive, especially if you have but one or two easily answered questions. Or you might, once again, “go it alone” and hope for the best.

Imagine instead that you could ask any question weekly and receive an expert answer in real time. How much time, money, and stress would that save you?

What is All Things CBT? All Things CBT is a weekly forum that provides practical, down-to-earth answers to your CBT questions.

Our warm, passionate, highly skilled global community invites you to join us today. Whether you're a licensed professional looking to hone your clinical skills, a student in training, or a layperson interested in low-intensity CBT, we'd love to have you with us during one of our two weekly sessions: noon US Pacific time each Tuesday and Thursday. Members are free to come on early and interact with others before the session starts.
Led by Daniel Mintie, LCSW and his colleagues, All Things CBT quickly deepens members' understanding of CBT and their ability to apply this powerful technology in their personal and professional lives. All sessions are recorded and also transcribed into a downloadable PDF. The complete library of recordings - close to 100 hours of expert consultation - are available to all current subscribers.

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Daniel Mintie, LCSW For three decades I’ve practiced, taught and written about cognitive behavioral approaches to wellness.

As I myself experience all the personal and professional challenges my patients and students bring to me, I regularly utilize CBT tools in my daily life. Over three decades I’ve grown ever-more grateful for CBT’s powerful presence in my life and in the lives of countless patients, colleagues and students. I'm very excited about a recent new direction in my work: teaching basic CBT theory and practice to laypeople worldwide who can then share these tools in their own communities. Called "Low-Intensity CBT," this approach offers access to these life-giving tools to communities often denied such care.

I’ve written two books on CBT and taught cognitive-behavioral therapy at universities and training centers worldwide. These include Georgetown University in Washington, DC; the University of New Mexico; the Feeling Good Institute in Mountain View, California; the National Institute For Mental Health And Neuroscience in Bangalore, India; Mexico City’s Universidad Hebraica; and the Zentrum fur Psychotherapie in Stuttgart, Germany.


I’ve never had a better CBT mentor than Daniel. Learning from Daniel has transformed me both personally and professionally. His remarkable ability to integrate theory and practice has helped me become not only a better therapist but a true healer of human suffering.

Yehuda Bar Shalom

Yehuda Bar Shalom

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If our approach sounds like a fit for you, we'd love to have you to give All Things CBT a try!


Daniel helps me understand the power of CBT - not just intellectually but at a gut level as well. I come away from our weekly training feeling deep wonder and gratitude simply for being a human being

Steve Reinhard copy

Steve Reinhard
Colorado Springs


Daniel Mintie is a master therapist and teacher who understands the deep wisdom of CBT. His teaching reflects the countless steps he has walked on the path to wellness with many people.

Heather Clague

Heather Clague
Berkeley California

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