My Tropic of Cancer: Living & Dying With A Dread Disease

My new book “My Tropic Of Cancer: Living & Dying With A Dread Disease” will be released on June first. Currently available for presale on Amazon, the book tells the story of my eight year [and counting] journey with this extraordinary disease. In this post I chat with my friend, colleague and fellow cancer traveler

Maria Elena’s First Song

All Things CBT’s 2021 World Championships Of Shame Attacking is attracting A-list talent from around the world. Week-one entries arrived from Canada, Europe, India, Japan and the United States. Pomona Valley California’s Low-Intensity CBT promotoras have stepped forward with entries of their own – and raised the bar for the rest of us (as I

The Science and Art Of Yoga In Mental And Neurological Healthcare

My colleagues at India’s National Institute Of Mental Health & Neurosciences [NIMHANS] recently brought out a new book in conjunction with the Indian Psychiatric Association. “The Science and Art Of Yoga In Mental And Neurological Healthcare” is a wonderfully comprehensive and readable compendium of the neurobiology of yoga and of practical ways yoga can be

Grassroots CBT

Spring has sprung in California’s Pomona Valley. Along with the field greens and new herbs CBT, too, is sprouting from the grass roots. Vigorously sprouting! Our low-intensity CBT project with Latinx immigrant women in the Valley took two big steps forward in the last weeks. Low-intensity CBT is a global movement aimed at increasing access