Can Laypeople Deliver Quality Mental Healthcare?

This month our intensity CBT (LICBT) pilot in California’s Pomona Valley received its 6th and 7th grants, totaling $60,000 of additional support for the program. Three years ago All Things CBT and Uncommon Good, a Pomona Valley California nonprofit, launched the nation’s first LICBT program. LICBT is a global movement  that trains lay people to

New Outcome Study Of Reclaiming Life After Trauma Protocol

This month the peer-reviewed journal Psychological Reports published a paper I and two colleagues wrote presenting outcome data from a study of our integrative PTSD treatment protocol. The protocol combines cognitive-behavioral therapy and yoga, as presented in our self-help book, Reclaiming Life After Trauma. The study found the protocol produced significant reductions in all PTSD

Map Your Relationships!

Most of us enact our relational patterns with little conscious awareness of the moving parts involved. These parts include our interpersonal beliefs [or “rules”] and the roles into which they thrust us.In this audio recording of a recent All Things CBT Class, we practiced the Interpersonal Downward Arrow, a potent cognitive method that gets at

What Makes A Good Psychotherapist?

This question is perhaps more to the point than the question “What is a good approach to therapy?” In this post Vivian Baruch, a colleague with her finger on the psychotherapy outcome literature, takes up this question and provides welcome insight into this fundamental question. Spoiler alert! Decades of meta-analysis say the answer is neither