Integrative Trauma Recovery, Healing From PTSD

PTSD is a mind-body disorder we can now treat by utilizing the tremendous healing powers of our own bodies and minds. Our integrative trauma recovery protocol is a suite of evidence-based, drug-free tools you can use to bring such healing into your own life. Our approach has helped combat veterans, rape victims, survivors of motor

CBT, Zen And The Experience Of “No Self”

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and Zen both address the reality of human anguish. CBT targets the beliefs and thought patterns that create emotional suffering.  “I’m no good” is a belief associated with depression.  “Something bad is going to happen to me,” a belief that drives anxiety.  Zen practice comes at such “delusive thoughts and feelings” in

Self Monitoring Negative Thoughts and Feelings

Monitoring and observing changes our experience of something, which in turn can change the frequency at which it occurs, its intensity, or some other aspect of that thing. We can self monitor many aspects of our lives. How often we have a negative thought. How often we feel an urge to do something or to avoid doing something.

The Blame Game

Blaming takes place in three venues. First, we can blame ourselves. Doing so is very common in depression, where we judge ourselves as “bad” and remind ourselves that try as we may we’ll never be as worthwhile as others. A study published this month in the European Journal of Psychotraumatology found that women with PTSD were significantly more likely to experience negative words such as “bad” as referring to themselves than were women in a control group without PTSD