International TEAM CBT Symposium [in-person & online] August 18 – 21, Warsaw, Poland

Please join me and 14 of my closest colleagues August 18 – 21 for the first-ever international symposium on TEAM CBT. If you’re unable to be on the ground with us in Warsaw, Poland, join us via our live stream – which will also be recorded for viewing at any time by all registrants. Both

Religion, Spirituality & CBT

Religious observance, spiritual practice and cognitive-behavioral therapy are fellow travelers. While each covers its own ground and has its particular vocabulary, all share a common destination: life lived in accord with the way things really are. In a recent meeting of our weekly online consultation group, All Things CBT, senior faculty took up the question

Holistic Diagnosis

Psychiatric symptoms – panic attacks say, or suicidal thoughts – arise from the deep ecology of an individual human life. Appreciating the role a symptom plays in this big picture enables us to understand and empathize with patients in a vital way. Such understanding and empathy in turn set the stage for successful intervention in