What Makes A Good Psychotherapist?

This question is perhaps more to the point than the question “What is a good approach to therapy?” In this post Vivian Baruch, a colleague with her finger on the psychotherapy outcome literature, takes up this question and provides welcome insight into this fundamental question. Spoiler alert! Decades of meta-analysis say the answer is neither

Is Yoga Therapy?

My patients and colleagues sometimes ask about the evidence in support of yoga as a treatment for anxiety, PTSD, depression and other mental disorders. In this post I share a new, free resource that puts the answer to this question at anyone’s fingertips

Life After Shame

Shame can be the door we push through to enter upon a wider life. In this conversation with Jacob Towery MD, All Things CBT’s 2022 World Champion Of Shame Attacking, we look at both the personal and political freedom and power that come to us when we attack the shame that would imprison us in

Got Stage Fright?

I do! Very many of us experience performance anxiety when faced with the opportunity to speak or play a musical instrument in public. In this post, our weekly All Things CBT community employs both imaginal and in vivo exposure to help a stage-frightened colleague overcome her fear of playing the vibraphone for an audience