Integrative Medicine

Is Yoga Therapy?

My patients and colleagues sometimes ask about the evidence in support of yoga as a treatment for anxiety, PTSD, depression and other mental disorders. In this post I share a new, free resource that puts the answer to this question at anyone’s fingertips

The Science and Art Of Yoga In Mental And Neurological Healthcare

My colleagues at India’s National Institute Of Mental Health & Neurosciences [NIMHANS] recently brought out a new book in conjunction with the Indian Psychiatric Association. “The Science and Art Of Yoga In Mental And Neurological Healthcare” is a wonderfully comprehensive and readable compendium of the neurobiology of yoga and of practical ways yoga can be

Sticks & Stones: Cognition, Behavior & Physical Pain

Many people understand how our thoughts and behavior create states of emotional suffering such as anxiety and depression. Fewer understand these same inputs create and maintain physical pain. As a result, we can misperceive ourselves as passive victims of pain, failing to see how and why we create this vital human experience. In a recent

What About Meds?

New patients often ask about the role psychotropic medication might play in their recovery from anxiety, depression and other disorders. I recently took up this question with a subject matter expert on the topic, Robert Whitaker. Mr. Whitaker is an investigative journalist whose science writing has received numerous awards and been shortlisted for a Pulitzer