The Science and Art Of Yoga In Mental And Neurological Healthcare

My colleagues at India’s National Institute Of Mental Health & Neurosciences [NIMHANS] recently brought out a new book in conjunction with the Indian Psychiatric Association. “The Science and Art Of Yoga In Mental And Neurological Healthcare” is a wonderfully comprehensive and readable compendium of the neurobiology of yoga and of practical ways yoga can be enlisted as a first-line or adjunct treatment for common mental disorders. I’m a co-author of the chapter on treating anxiety.

In this post I speak with one of the book’s editors, my colleague and friend Hemant Bhargav MD, Ph.D. Dr. Bhargav provides an overview of the yoga currently being researched and practiced at NIMHAN and generously shares some simple yoga practices that have shown efficacy in reducing anxiety and depression. Please join us!

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Daniel Mintie is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University's School Of Medicine. He has a private practice in Taos New Mexico, USA and teaches cognitive-behavioral therapy at universities and training centers worldwide.

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