Daniel Mintie is an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown University's School Of Medicine. He has a private practice in Taos New Mexico, USA and teaches cognitive-behavioral therapy at universities and training centers worldwide.


If you or a loved one are suffering from anxiety, depression or PTSD, I have wonderful news for you. Over the last 30 years my colleagues and I have assembled a suite of integrative approaches to wellness that target the very roots of these disorders.  We're now regularly seeing complete recoveries from them all - often in much less time than we once thought such healing would take. Please avail yourself of the resources on my site, including free chapters of my books, blog posts and my weekly All Things CBT training program. Please note: I am unable to accept new patients at this time.

Healing PTSD

Trauma touches every life. My colleagues and I have developed a cutting-edge suite of mind/body tools anyone can learn and use to heal the physical and mental  aftereffects of trauma.

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Healing Anxiety

Anxiety brings more people to psychotherapy than any other disorder. CBT has long been recognized as the first-line treatment for generalized anxiety, social fears, phobias, OCD and other disorders

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Healing Depression

One in five Americans will, at some point in in their lives, be laid low by feelings of sadness, lethargy, hopelessness and worthless. Happily, a drug-free, evidence-based path to healing is now available.

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Intensive Therapy

No data exists in support of one hour of weekly therapy being an optimal dose. I offer interested patients four to six hours of psychotherapy for up to five days in a row in my popular therapy intensives.

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My Tropic of Cancer Book Cover

New Release! My Tropic of Cancer: Living & Dying With a Dread Disease

My Tropic of Cancer: Living & Dying With a Dread Disease tells the story of cancer’s passage through three generations of my family. This deeply personal account relates the heartbreak, hope and occasional hilarity that travel with a life-threatening diagnosis. It includes gritty, day-to-day detail of my life as a cancer patient,and considers the wider environmental, social and political milieus of cancer's arising. Sharing my family's physical, emotional and spiritual experiences of cancer, Tropic invites the reader along on this inter-generational awakening to the perils and possibilities that travel with this extraordinary disease. Tropic tells, finally, an exuberantly hopeful story, one that will encourage any family touched by cancer to find its own authentic, life-affirming and human response.

Advance praise for My Tropic of Cancer:

Daniel's new book shares the story of his cancer career – and a great deal more. Albert Camus used the magnifying glass of bubonic plague to look deeply into the human condition. Daniel utilizes the lens of cancer to do the same. His book helps us see that while a life-threatening disease is always life-changing, it changes nothing essential. Cancer is an opportunity for us all to see more clearly the way things are.  As a physician intimately involved in cancer care, I wholeheartedly recommend “My Tropic Of Cancer” to anyone whose life has been touched by this disease.

Mariusz Wirga, MD, Medical Director Psychoscial Oncology, MemorialCare Cancer Institute, Long Beach California, USA

Additional Titles

Reclaiming Life After Trauma

Reclaiming Life after Trauma addresses both the physical and psychological expressions of PTSD, presenting an...

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Dharma Wheels

Dharma Wheels is an examination of human happiness through the triple lenses of Zen Buddhism, cognitive-behavioral...

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My Tropic of Cancer

Tells the story of cancer’s passage through three generations of the Mintie family. This deeply personal account relates the heartbreak, hope and frequent hilarity that travel with any lethal diagnosis.

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