Mr Mintie is a cognitive-behavioral therapist, educator and best-selling author with 28 years experience helping patients live happier, more satisfying lives.


If you or a loved one are suffering from  anxiety, depression or PTSD, my heart goes out to you. These illnesses represent some of the most intense forms of anguish any human being can experience. I also have some excellent news to share. For 25 years my colleagues and I have been assembling a suite of integrative approaches that target the very roots of such suffering.  We're now regularly seeing complete recoveries from these disorders - often in much less time than we once thought such healing would take.

Healing PTSD

Trauma touches every life. My colleagues and I have developed a cutting-edge suite of mind/body tools anyone can learn and use to heal the physical and mental  aftereffects of trauma.

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Healing Anxiety

Anxiety brings more people to psychotherapy than any other disorder. CBT is recognized as the first-line treatment for generalized anxiety, social fears, phobias and OCD.

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Healing Depression

One in five Americans will at some point in life be laid low by feelings of sadness, lethargy, hopelessness and worthless. Happily, a drug-free, evidence-based path to healing is available.

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Intensive Therapy

No data supports one hour of weekly therapy as an optimal dose. I offer patients 4 – 6 hours of in-person or online psychotherapy for up to 4 days in a row in my therapy intensives.

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Reclaiming Life after Trauma Book Cover

My New Book Reclaiming Life after Trauma

Reclaiming Life after Trauma addresses both the physical and psychological expressions of PTSD, presenting an integrative, fast-acting, evidence-based, and drug-free path to complete recovery. the book provides a suite of simple, powerful, and easily learned tools readers can put to immediate use to reset their traumatized bodies and minds. On the physical side, it teaches four Kundalini yoga practices that address the hypervigilance, flashbacks, and insomnia characteristic of PTSD. On the psychological side, it teaches 25 powerful CBT tools that target the self-defeating beliefs, negative emotions, and self-sabotaging behaviors that characterize the disorder.

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