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Skilled Compassionate Care; Lifelong Wellness

When suffering emotionally we want  symptom relief as quickly as possible.  We might also want to learn what we can do so as never to fall into such suffering again.  I help patients reach both goals, teaching them how to "become their own psychotherapists" themselves able to navigate the ups and downs that life invariably brings to us all.


Healing PTSD

Trauma, great or small, touches every life.  My colleagues and I have developed a cutting-edge suite of mind/body tools anyone can pick up and immediately put to work to heal the aftereffects of trauma.

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Healing Anxiety

Irrational fear brings more people to psychotherapy than any other mental disorder. CBT has long been recognized as the first-line treatment for generalized anxiety, social fears, phobias and OCD.

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Healing Depression

One in five Americans will at some point in their lives be laid low by feelings of unhappiness, hopelessness, worthless and lethargy. Happily, a drug-free, evidence-based path to healing lies at their feet.

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Intensive Therapy

No data supports one hour of weekly therapy as an optimal dose.  I offer patients 4 – 6 hours of in-person or online psychotherapy for up to 4 days running, allowing us to complete the equivalent of 6 months of CBT in less than one week.

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