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Meet Daniel

Daniel MiniteThank you for your interest in my work. I'm a cognitive-behavioral therapist, teacher and writer based in Taos, New Mexico USA and available for consultation globally via the worldwide web. I have 28 years' experience helping men, women and children heal from anxiety, depression and the sometimes crippling aftereffects of trauma. I love this work and am inspired and humbled by the determination and courage of those I've had the privilege of helping reclaim lives of peace, joy, and relational happiness.

Before returning to school to train as a cognitive-behavioral therapist I worked as an international contract journalist, writing about local communities worldwide struggling to secure economic and political justice and establish a sustainable relationship to food, water and land.

As is the case with many of my patients and colleagues, I first experienced feelings of irrational sadness and worry as a child. As a young boy I found these feelings very mysterious. Where did they come from? Why did they go away? I did not yet understand how we ourselves create such emotion as a result of our beliefs, thought patterns and behaviors.

Also in grade school I developed a lifelong interest in contemplative spiritual practice, yoga and martial arts. I’ve incorporated these interests into my clinical work, research and teaching in the areas of mind/body medicine. Today, in addition to my clinical work,  I teach CBT and integrative medicine at universities and training centers around the world.

After close to 30 years of clinical practice – and half of century of investigating the human condition – I have an ever-clearer understanding of the roots of human anguish. At the end of the day our emotional torment arises when we find ourselves unable to respond to the sometimes enormous challenges the world brings to us. Our suffering – anxiety, depression, PTSD – itself speaks to our desire successfully to meet such challenges. It is my passion, honor and life work to assist my patients’ doing exactly this.