New Outcome Study Of Reclaiming Life After Trauma Protocol

This month the peer-reviewed journal Psychological Reports published a paper I and two colleagues wrote presenting outcome data from a study of our integrative PTSD treatment protocol. The protocol combines cognitive-behavioral therapy and yoga, as presented in our self-help book, Reclaiming Life After Trauma. The study found the protocol produced significant reductions in all PTSD

Hardiness: A New Construct For A New Time

The year 2020 has been a time of extraordinary stress and trauma for most all of us. In additional to individual traumas, we’ve experienced a series of unprecedented natural disasters, a global pandemic, and frequently deadly civil and political strife. Few alive today have experienced a year in which so many bad things happened to

Memory Rescripting: Building A Brighter Yesterday

The connection between memory and self-perception is clinically significant, as distorted self-perceptions are at the core of many disorders. These include PTSD, depression, social anxiety and personality and eating disorders. Negative self perceptions encapsulate patients’ self-defeating beliefs about themselves, others and the world at large. Such perceptions often arise from abuse, neglect or bullying and

Healing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with Kundalini Yoga and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] is a body/mind illness diagnosed in military and civilian populations worldwide. It develops in the aftermath of many kinds of traumatic events including military combat, physical or sexual assault, and natural disaster. PTSD symptoms cluster into four separate categories: 1] recurrent distressing memories of the traumatic event, including nightmares and

Integrative Trauma Recovery, Healing From PTSD

PTSD is a mind-body disorder we can now treat by utilizing the tremendous healing powers of our own bodies and minds. Our integrative trauma recovery protocol is a suite of evidence-based, drug-free tools you can use to bring such healing into your own life. Our approach has helped combat veterans, rape victims, survivors of motor