All Things CBT

Religion, Spirituality & CBT

Religious observance, spiritual practice and cognitive-behavioral therapy are fellow travelers. While each covers its own ground and has its particular vocabulary, all share a common destination: life lived in accord with the way things really are. In a recent meeting of our weekly online consultation group, All Things CBT, senior faculty took up the question

The Socratic Method

Listen in on one of our All Things CBT sessions this week to experience a powerful cognitive therapy method that comes to us from one of the West’s great thinkers. We also look together at errors therapists make that would lead this method to fail

Therapeutic Misalliance

A warm, loving connection between therapist and patient is the cornerstone for our doing life-changing work together. Sadly, such a bond can go missing, leaving both parties confused, dispirited and alone. I recently spoke with my All Things CBT colleague Heather Clague MD about ways in which therapeutic misalliance crops up in our work –

And The 2021 World Shame Attacking Champions Are …

Here in the dog days of summer, our judges have selected the bronze, silver and gold medalists in All Things CBT’s 2021 World Shame Attacking Championships. We met this week with two of our finalists, announced all the 2021 winners and chatted together about the wonderful world of shameless living. Please join us!