All Things CBT

Repression, Anxiety & CBT

Sigmund Freud’s “signal theory” of anxiety conceptualizes this emotion as a safeguard protecting us and others from the emergence of threatening intrapsychic and interpersonal material. Freud saw anxiety signaling the presence and press of threatening psychic content – oftentimes aggressive or sexual impulses. Contemporary evolutionary psychology supports Freud’s formulation. Biopsychosocial analysis considers anxiety a legacy

Religion, Spirituality & CBT

Religious observance, spiritual practice and cognitive-behavioral therapy are fellow travelers. While each covers its own ground and has its particular vocabulary, all share a common destination: life lived in accord with the way things really are. In a recent meeting of our weekly online consultation group, All Things CBT, senior faculty took up the question

The Socratic Method

Listen in on one of our All Things CBT sessions this week to experience a powerful cognitive therapy method that comes to us from one of the West’s great thinkers. We also look together at errors therapists make that would lead this method to fail