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¡Su Doctora Está Dentro! (Your doctor is in!)

Low-intensity CBT is a worldwide movement that for the last two decades has been training laypeople to deliver mental health care in their local communities – for pennies on the dollar that such care traditionally costs. Last week I had the pleasure of site visit to our LICBT program in California’s Pomona Valley. Training there

Low-Intensity CBT Trainees Launch!

On May 26, 2021 North America’s first Low-Intensity CBT [LICBT] training program held its commencement ceremony in California’s Pomona Valley. Low-intensity CBT is a global movement aimed at increasing access to mental health care by means of training laypeople to deliver quality care for pennies on the dollar that such care usually costs. The program

My Tropic of Cancer: Living & Dying With A Dread Disease

My new book “My Tropic Of Cancer: Living & Dying With A Dread Disease” will be released on June first. Currently available for presale on Amazon, the book tells the story of my eight year [and counting] journey with this extraordinary disease. In this post I chat with my friend, colleague and fellow cancer traveler

Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

Have you ever wondered why we worry so much? And what, if anything, we can do about it? We’re taking up these questions in a class I’m co-teaching this term at Georgetown University’s Integrative Medicine Program. In this post I share some PowerPoint slides from the class that shed light on the neurobiology of worry,