Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

Have you ever wondered why we worry so much? And what, if anything, we can do about it? We’re taking up these questions in a class I’m co-teaching this term at Georgetown University’s Integrative Medicine Program. In this post I share some PowerPoint slides from the class that shed light on the neurobiology of worry, in particular something called the brain’s default mode network. I also take up the Eastern roots of Western cognitive science and the cognitive, behavioral and physiologic components of worry’s true antidote: mindfulness.

About Daniel Mintie

Daniel Mintie is a cogntive behavioral therapist with 28 years' experience treating PTSD. He teaches CBT at universities and training centers worldwide.

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  1. Cypress J Morales says

    Hi Daniel,
    Once again you presented this information in such a beautiful and very inclusive way.
    The history of the default programming and ways to become present and not distracted dating back to so many disciplines and philosophies.
    Since I am teaching the Intro to Mindfulness, I thought your information so important so I forwarded your video to my participants.
    Thank you,

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