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Treatment Approach

     I utilize a cognitive-behavioral approach based on the TEAM model developed by David Burns MD. 

is an innovative, powerful system of change culled from a variety of evidence-based therapies.  TEAM features a treatment plan individualized for each patient's particular personality and problem and more than 50 different cognitive-behavioral tools, one of which is certain to work for you.  TEAM's goal is high-speed, lasting change reinforced going forward by life itself. 

TEAM is an acronym for:

T = Testing. We measure your symptoms at the start and completion of every therapy session using brief, accurate scales to make sure we are meeting your goals. You will have the opportunity to rate my warmth, understanding, and helpfulness at the end of each session.

E = Empathy.  Understanding your feelings, thoughts and concerns is my first priority.  A warm, respectful, empathic relationship is the foundation upon which we are able to do tremendous work together.

A = Agenda Setting. Sometimes we really want to change but keep finding something holding us back.  TEAM pinpoints  precisely where you may be stuck and boosts your motivation to change. You, not I will set the agenda for each of our sessions.  We will focus on those topics you yourself choose. 

M = Methods. At TEAM's core are over 50 powerful, evidence-based techniques that will help you defeat the negative thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that rob you of joy, self-esteem, productivity and intimacy.  Many therapies offer only one or two approaches to change.  TEAM's toolkit contains exactly the right method for you.

I also have advanced training in Ericksonian hypnosis, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing [EMDR], and mind/body approaches to wellness drawn from Eastern yogic and meditation traditions.

          Though traditional psychotherapy has been conducted in one-hour weekly sessions there is no evidence that suggests this is the most efficient schedule for change.  I offer more intensive two, three and four hour sessions that oftentimes produce lasting change more quickly, saving you both time and money. 

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