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Trauma Recovery

Integrative Trauma Recovery 

I work individually with patients interested in an integrative [mind/body] approach to healing trauma symptoms.  I also offer an intensive 3-day treatment program combining cognitive-behavioral therapy [CBT] and Kundalini yoga [page].  Either protocol is appropriate for anyone with a trauma history that's interfering with daily life.

Trauma imprints on both cognitive and physical structures.  This imprint, not the traumatic event itself, leads to disorders like PTSD.  CBT has identified the ways in which trauma produces a set of beliefs about ourselves and the world that limit our ability to experience security,  joy and peace of mind.  CBT has developed powerful tools to refashion these beliefs and release us from thought patterns linking us to a painful past. 

Trauma is oftentimes stored in the body’s deep muscle groups, which may then remain in a chronic state of tension.  When this tension - an expression of the fight or flight response - becomes the body’s new normal, our physical and emotional health suffers.  Kundalini yoga is a 4000 year old technology that regulates the relationship between body and mind, opening the way to the healing potential contained in each.  

My intensive group program consists of 12 hours of group cognitive behavioral therapy and 12 hours of Kundalini yoga classes.  My colleague Julie Staples Ph.D.  [page] facilitates the yoga-therapy portion of the intensive.  Dr. Staples, Research Director at the Center For Mind-Body Medicine in Washington D.C. and an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown University, has a distinguished career in mind-body medicine.

Click here to preview and pre-order our forthcoming book, Reclaiming Life After Trauma that presents our program in a self-help format.  Email me for additional information about individual integrative trauma work and the location/dates for ITRP Intensives.

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