Daniel Mintie, LCSW     575.758.2795
Peak Performance


         Hitting the bulls-eye is one of life's most satisfying experiences.  Be it in business, pleasure or sport, precisely hitting our mark is that deeply rewarding moment toward which all our efforts to that point are aimed.  It doesn't get any better than this!

          I love working with students, professionals and performance athletes in support of their having more such moments in their lives.  I bring an integrative package of three cutting-edge technologies to this work:  clinical hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral training, and relaxation techniques.   Together these address the subconscious, conscious and physical components of peak performance.  I will coach you in the acquisition and mastery of these skills and help you troubleshoot their application to your particular field of challenge. Find a summary of  10 common cognitive errors that interfere with personal and professional success here:
          Add a world-class triad of new skills to your quiver.  Give yourself the gift of bringing your best to each moment of your personal, professional and sporting life - and of enjoying entirely new levels of confidence, satisfaction and success.

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